Q?How can I get an offer for plastic recycling plant ?

Please send contact form and we will mail you detailed inquiry form with necessary details. 

In order for us to prepare offer according specific plastic type, required plant capacity and end Product.

Q?How do I get a preliminary quotation ?

Please fill in the inquiry form with all details and we will answer with preliminary offer/quotation. 

Final offer is subject to technical meeting and/or definition of product shape and sizes.

Q?What kind of machines do we sell ?

RML sells new Italian brand production lines with advanced tecnology as well as 2ndhand renovated/upgraded converting lines :

all kind of feminine care, baby /adult pants ( pull up) and diapers , underpads and incontinence products.

Our second division regards plastic recycling plants for all plastic types like PP/PE/PET / HDPE etc,.

Q?Why new and preowned machinery ?

Next to new machines, RML sometimes offers preowned /upgraded ones as costsaving opportunities in order to match clients’ different.

Investment budgets. 

Installation and warranty period are included in quotations.