RML Waste recover /separation for fluff /SAP mix and plastic scrap

Recycling Equipment
RML Waste recover /separation for fluff /SAP mix and plastic scrap 
Reclaiming system for fluff/SAP mix from rejected absorbent fluff products 
Production Output Speed
300-350 kg/hour



Equipment for removing fluff ( with SAP) from rejected soft-absorbent products ( adult/baby diapers, fluff sanitary products etc ) : 

A. Fluff + SAP
B. Plastic scrap



capacity :                  300 kg/h – rejected products input
efficiency :                85% +/- capture of available fluff &SAP
Fluff & SAP purity :   99% ( less than 1% impurity by weight) 

Total system connected horsepower : 200 HP 1/- 150 KW , varying


Procedure :

The fluff or fiber is separated from the poly, NW, elastic, tissue etc. by air velocity, classification and centrifugal force
No cutters required . SAP polymer will normally remain with fluff .
Fluff and SAP are removed from each stage of the separator module as well as from scrap collector
this mix is conveyed to fluff condenser . the scrap from the final separator stage is conveyed to the scrap collector for collection, baling and final disposal

the condenser removes the fluff and SAP mix from the air stream and deposits this mix into the Vertical reserve hopper installed below the condenser
The vertical reserve serves as a storage device and a pre-feeder for the fluff/SAP mix . the feed rolls in the bottom of the vertical reserve are activated “on demand”
from the volumetric feeder/doser ….


– reject product feed hopper
– Buster fan
– stage separator
– interconnecting ducts
– scrap fans
– scrap collector
– air filter /condenser
– vertical reserve hopper
– transfer fan from the vertical reserve to the volumetric feeder
– volumetric feeder
– diverter valve
– complete drum filter system
– complete electrical control panel

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