RML SP 350

Adult Diapers / Light incontinence
RML SP 350
Converting line for adult diapers, 230 pcs/min, full servo, modular construction
Production Output Speed
230 pcs/min


Adult diapers converting line
Italian high tecnology, full servo- modular construction
perfect steady control of web traction


Main technical data : 
production speed : 180 linear meters /min
output speed : 230 diapers /minute
power supply : 425 KW
efficiency : 85%
reject ratio :  max 3%
air compression consumption : 2000 lt/min
total weight : 82 tons

Main machine processes :


– coverstock section :
process is engineered with this first module with the poly to be upside and standing leg gathers with strip cuffs & full cuffs
applicator by thermosealing and glue to become the bottom layer
– two lycra treads each side for cuff elasticization ( as option can be supplied individual tensioning and control tread )
– central nonwoven at full width of the product or narrow when the full cuff system will be adopted – the line can operate on both
– ADL layer application , it applies a piece of ADL directly on the inner side of nonwoven
– unwinders are by turret system with 2 important advantages :
* the splice preparation can be off line , easy and safe
* roll loading position for each raw material is on fix position , could in future use robot

– core preparation 


-pulp unwinding nr 1 auto loading stands for each mill
– one high speed hammermill on a platform with double inlets located above the drumformer so fluff moves by gravity
– drumformer for discrete pads formation , pocket shaped according to design with tridimensional fluff core
– gravimetric SAP distributor ,control by weight-in loss principle
– Take away drum for indipendent compression on each fluff layer ( embossing at request )
– fans installed on top of platform for vacuum action
– sound proof barrier for hammermill/discmill to decrease noise level to 85 dba

– diapers assembly 

– backsheet coming from upper part of machine to join the coverstock with core by undervacuum conveyor
– poly unwinder as all other materials aligned by Fife system driven by omega driven roll for tension control
– (optional) fluted applicator for elastic strip on inner side of poly
– cothlike nonwoven glued on poly ( optional )
– frontal tape to be applied on clothlike nonwoven -one or two pieces glued on line ( optional )
– tape tabs applicator for folding of 4 tapes ( 2 each side )
– rotary die system for shaping of the diapers chassis , foreseen 2 complete units ,
– final cross cutting
– trifolding device
– gate for rejected faulty diapers

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